Institutskolloquium KG – 07.12.2016 | Institutskolloquium KG – 07.12.2016 – Institut für Geographie

Neue Kulturgeographie VIII - Erlangen Neue Kulturgeographie VIII - Erlangen

Institutskolloquium KG – 07.12.2016

Foto: Ehrkamp

Foto: Ehrkamp

Patricia Ehrkamp – University of Kentucky

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New mosques, new neighbors? Immigration and the domestication of Islam in Germany

In this talk I examine the how the politics of domesticating Islam in Germany plays out in the dynamic interplay between national politico-legal processes and urban-social negotiations surrounding the construction of prestigious, purpose-built mosques. My archival and ethnographic research shows that transnational Islam, in these debates, is mobilized as a symbolic force of foreignness that allows an ‘elsewhere’ to enter German domestication politics. I argue that rather than assuming the homogeneity of national space and belonging, it is crucial to pay attention to the spatially uneven and dynamic interplay between national and everyday urban processes at work in the integration of Muslim migrants in German liberal democracy. I do so through an in-depth examination of the planning and construction processes surrounding Merkez Camii, a mosque that opened in Duisburg-Marxloh in 2008, and of a citizens’ initiative to create a rose garden near this mosque as a way of relating to local Muslim immigrants while at the same time emphasizing and honoring these immigrants’ origins in Turkey. Examining these examples highlights the ways that acts of solidarity and neighborliness may be thought of as everyday cosmopolitics that creates proximity and challenges the othering of Muslims and immigrants.

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– Pflichtveranstaltung im Rahmen des Bachelor-Studienplan / neue LPO = Modul PG9, GLG8
– ab WS 12/13 = Module KG 15, PG 15, GZB 12, GLG 10 und 11

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