Institutskolloquium PG „Dendrochronological research on the Tibetan Plateau“ – 03.05.2017

3. Mai 2017 @ 12:15 – 13:45
Hörsaal C - Eingang Hindenburgstr.
Kochstraße 4
91054 Erlangen
PD Dr. Christoph Mayr

Institutskolloquium Physische Geographie

Minhui He (Erlangen)

Dendrochronological research on the Tibetan Plateau

Minhui-He_abb_170503The Tibetan plateau is one of the key regions of interest in global climate change research. Tree rings are one of the main archives used in the reconstruction of past climate variability on the Tibetan plateau and to assess the impact of climate change on tree growth and ecosystem response. First, an overview on the progress of dendrochronology in China is given, with special focus on the Tibetan Plateau. This progress can be divided into different aspects, which will be addressed using case studies from different parts of the Tibetan plateau: (i) reconstruction of long-term variations of temperature and precipitation; (ii) monitoring of tree stem radial growth process and their control by environmental factors; (iii) process-based modeling of seasonal growth responses which allows an assessment of future tree growth under different climate change scenarios.

Alle Interessierten sind herzlich willkommen!

– Pflichtveranstaltung im Rahmen des Bachelor-Studienplan / neue LPO = Modul PG9, GLG8
– ab WS 12/13 = Module KG 15, PG 15, GZB 12, GLG 10 und 11

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