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Research overview


Kulturgeographie Physische Geographie

Cultural Geography

Die Forschungsschwerpunkte der Erlanger Kulturgeographie sind eingebettet in einen konzeptionellen Rahmen, der mit „Contested Geographies and Spaces“ überschrieben ist. Aus dieser Perspektive werden Geographien als „kulturell“ untersucht, d. h. als sozial konstituiert, ausgehandelt und somit vielfach umstritten. Die Erlanger Kulturgeographie erforscht das Wechselspiel zwischen der Konstitution bestimmter räumlicher Ordnungen bzw. Arrangements und deren Anfechtung und (De-)Stabilisierung (see Research in Cultural Geography).


Physical Geography

Physical Geography at FAU has a research focus on high mountain ecosystems, climate and biogeography with running projects and activities in Europe, Asia (South Asia, Central Asia and East Asia), Africa (East Africa, North Africa), North and South America (Alaska, Equatorial and Patagonian Andes) as well as the polar regions. Themes in the context of bio-geographical processes, land use, environmental and climate change are address with various methodologies. Central to our research are the application and development of novel technologies (e.g. densitometry, stable isotopes, SAR interferometry, hyperspectral remote sensing, geostatistical and process-based models) to retrieve quantitative variables to improve process understanding and to provide linkage to other environmental, socio-ecological and socio-economic aspects.

The research activities are often highly interdisciplinary with partners either at FAU or on a national and international level. Our research topics are also fed into (research oriented) teaching in our various study programs (see Research in Physical Geography).