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BayIntAn – Reconstruction of climate at Glaciar Perito Moreno

Funding period: 2014

Reconstruction of climate at Glaciar Perito Moreno (Patagonia) based on dendro-ecological studies, meteorological measurements and remote sensing
The measurement of various dendroecological parameters along the core such as tree-ring widths, wood density as well as the analyses of the temporal variability of stable isotopes extracted will allow to draw conclusions on past climate conditions before any climate measurements have been made in the region (we expect record lengths of about 200 years). The tree ring climate reconstructions will be calibrated with meteorological data recorded continuously at authomatic weather station on southern margin of Glaciar Moreno which operates continuously since almost 2 decades. This will allow to establish a relationship between the environmental variables stored within tree-rings and the local climate. The retrieved climate signal will be linked to glacier behaviour and glacier sensitivity towards climatic changes.
Perito Moreno is the only glacier in Parque Nacional los Glaciares with almost 2 decades of uninterrupted meteorological data and a unique location to calibrate the tree ring records with in-situ meteorological observations. The “Nothofagus spec.” above a recent lateral moraine is crucial to achieve the aim of the project since it guarantees a very strong link between local climate and the tree ring information as well as a long temporal record. It is also intended to sample along a climatic transect from wetter to drier conditions – hence the sampling sites within the parque are the only site representing really wetter conditions while the sites outside the parque mark drier conditions.


In cooperation with Pedro Skvarca, Glaciarium, El Calafate, Argentina).


Seed funding of Bavarian Funding Programme for the Initiation of International Projects (BayIntAn), 2014.


Funded by:
BAYLAT (Bayerische Hochschulzentrum für Lateinamerika)
BayFor (Bavarian Research Alliance)
BayIntAn (Bavarian Funding Programme for the Initiation of International Projects)


Project team

Björn Saß, Jussi Grießinger, Matthias Braun


Blick auf Gletscherfront Perito Moreno/Brazo Rico, 2010 (Foto: Björn Saß)

View on the glacier front of Perito Meoreno and Brazo Rico, March 2010 (Photo: Björn Saß)