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International researchers are welcome at our institute both in the frame of individual collaborations and coordinated programmes. For all guest scientists, the Welcome Center of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg offers all kind of useful information to plan and organize your stay with us.

In the ERASMUS+ programme with our partner universities, researchers with expertise in the teaching and research fields of our institute can apply in the associated mobility programme. If you are interested, please (1) establish contact with one of our academic staff to discuss the content and the length of your teaching activities, and afterwards (2) contact the ERASMUS+ coordinator at your university. You may also contact ed.ua1521665239f@lan1521665239oitan1521665239retni1521665239-eihp1521665239argoe1521665239g1521665239 for further questions.



The scientific staff of the institute (professors, postdocs, PhD students) have the possibility of short-term guest lectureships, in particular by applying to the ERASMUS+ teaching mobility programme or in the context of bilateral partnerships.

ERASMUS+ teaching mobilities imply eight hours/week with a minimum period of two days (outside Europe: eight hours/week with a minimum period of five days). ERASMUS+ and bilateral partnerships exist with the following universities and research institutions.



The ERASMUS+ program is a great opportunity for advanced PhD students and Postdocs to gain international teaching experience while conducting their own research. Please note that the details of your teaching visit and the content of the lectureship (mobility agreement) must be cleared up in advance with the partner institution. This teaching programme must be confirmed by the FAU, the host university/research institution and the candidate. IMPORTANT: The program does neither support the participation at conferences nor cover the expenses to pay a call on partners.

A more detailed description of the programme is available here, including the check list for a successful ERASMUS+ Teaching Staff Mobility Application (in German). We strongly recommend to follow this check list! The application – after clearing up the details with the partner institution (!) – must be submitted to ed.ua1521665239f@lan1521665239oitar1521665239etni-1521665239eihpa1521665239rgoeg1521665239, who will forward it to Mrs. Köndgen, Central Office for International Affairs (RIA).

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a series of programmes for international short- and long-term lectureships. You can apply independently through the DAAD portal. There are also country-specific exchange lectureships (e.g. Mankato, Minnesota/USA) and research fellowships such as the Fulbright Program. For more information please contact the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA).

Non-scientific staff has this possibility as well. If you are interested, please obtain information here .