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Marta M. Caballero

Marta M. Caballero


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Forschungsinteressen: Antarctic clouds, remote sensing, radiation, atmosphere-cryosphere interaction

About me:

I was born in Santiago de Chile, 1985. I studied Physics Engineering in the University of Santiago de Chile until 2012. My specialization was focused on environmental and air quality measurements, so during my early years, I worked in air quality studies at University of Santiago, Ministry of Health of Chile and Centro Mario Molina Chile.
In 2014, I started working with Prof. Raul Cordero and his group in the Physics Department of the University of Santiago de Chile, as head of the Laboratory of Radiometry and Photometry. I was in charge of the calibration of radiometric sources and spectroradiometers by using a 1000W tungsten lamp and by traceability with 120W lamps for fieldwork. Our work was focused on albedo measurements in Antarctica and characterization of the solar spectrum in the Northern Chile.

In between, I worked in The University of Chicago (January until end of March, 2013) with Prof. Douglas MacAyeal and his group, in supraglacial hydrology on floating ice shelves.

In March 2016 I got the DAAD scholarship for doctoral research, with the project: „Role of the clouds on the Energy Balance on the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet“, supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Braun and Prof. Dr. Thomas Mölg.

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Cordero R.R., Damiani A., Seckmeyer G., Jorquera J., Caballero M., Rowe P., Ferrer J., Mubarak R., Carrasco J., Rondanelli R., Matus M., Laroze D., 2016, The Solar Spectrum in the Atacama Desert, Sci. Rep., 6, 22457 

Banwell, A. F., Caballero, M., Arnold, N. S., Glasser, N. F., Cathles, L. M., MacAyeal, D. R. (2014). Supraglacial lakes on the Larsen B ice shelf, Antarctica, and at Paakitsoq, West Greenland: a comparative study. Annals of Glaciology, 55(66), 1-8.