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Salzkrusten am Toten Meer (studentischer Fotowettbewerb) Salzkrusten am Toten Meer (studentischer Fotowettbewerb)

WG Bäumler

WG Soil (Bäumler)

Our Soil Working Group is dealing with soils as interface of all terrestrial ecosystem compartments, and as interface between human activities and the environment. Key aspects are soil development studies using soils as proxies of reconstructing the history of landscape and environmental fluctuations. Second main research areas are questions on soil genesis. Do soils with andic properties developed in non-volcanic materials represent a new soil type? What is the role of iso-volumetric replacement during the genesis of terrae calcis? We further focus on studies about soil fertility and land use, respectively the potential of soil use in the context of recent environmental changes, but also on studies about soil degradation and the impact of excessive soil use. Besides Germany and Central Europe our main research areas are in High Asia and Middle East.



Workgroup Bäumler